Scottish highlanders

What once started with a special birthday gift for mother Ria, turned out to be our own "Scottish Burger” that you can find on the menu at restaurant Grand Café Hotel Kruller what is owned by her daughter Sonja. Our Scottish Highlanders roam freely in the forest area "De Seintoren" (where the Boshut is also located) towards Harskamp. The Scottish highlanders eat grass and hay: 100% natural food, 100% organic. Do you want to admire the Scottish Highlanders yourself? Then walk the harscamperpad, a ‘klompenpad’ of 13 km over sandy roads, farmland, agricultural land, historic buildings and pass our Scottish Highlanders.

15 years ago, the first Scottish highlanders joined our family. Every year we have been lucky with newborn calves, which resulted that cattle always comes and goes. It is a hobby that got out of hand. The highlanders always roam free and eat organic. The cows have a good and long life but at one point we had to many.

We could have made the choice to just bring them to a butcher, but we decided to bring them to a butcher that follows strict guidelines. What suits our philosophy about home killed meat. The meat is known because of her rich flavour and hearty texture. After testing, tasting, testing, and tasting we found a good blend and we proudly represent our own ‘Scottish highlander burger’.