Extensions and activities for your arrangements

Whether you are visiting Grand Café Hotel Kruller in your spare time or for a business stay, we provide many activities to make your package on the Veluwe as complete as possible. How about walking with the forest ranger, outdoor cooking or a 4x4 tour? Go out and discover the Veluwe, you are there now!

GPS-dropping to De Boshut

We'll drop you off with our all-terrain vehicle and then you're on your way! Well, you then find your way to our bus shelter using GPS. The Boshut is a wooden cabin in the middle of the forest on the Veluwe. The horses and our own herd of Scottish Highlanders roam freely on the grounds of the 'Seintoren'. Inspiring and back-to-basic! We can put together different programmes for you.
Duration/ Price: according to program

Cooking workshop 't Witte Hoes

Test the culinary delights and find the born leader of your company during a cooking workshop. Under the guidance of one of our chefs, prepare your own dinner in the kitchen of 't Witte Hoes. When preparing a 3-course dinner, assume at least 2 hours of preparation time, because a delicious meal is not just on the table!
Price v.a. 595

Hike with De Boswachter

A walk with the forest ranger, the way to get a breath of fresh air through the meeting or to enjoy our surroundings to the fullest. During a walk of about 2 to 2.5 hours, our forester will take you to the pearls of the Veluwe. There is something for every group. Early in the day or later in the day, it is all possible.
Duration: 2 hours/ Price 120

Otterlo Events In & Outdoor Activities

Otterlo Events is our tough brother and at 800 meters from Grand Café Hotel Kruller provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Thanks to a large indoor hall and spacious outdoor area there is year-round 'action'. From a survival adventure to outdoor cooking. And from a 4x4 tour to herding workshop.
Duration/price: depending on the programme

Extend your package with a fun activity?

Request your quote for a meeting package now and let us know what you would like to extend your package with.