Lunch at Grand Cafe Restaurant Kruller

The best spot for a lunch in Otterlo only 950m from National Park The Hoge Veluwe and the Kröller-Müller Museum

In Grand Café Kruller we serve many lunch dishes based on local ingredients. Would you like to enjoy a rich sandwich with bread from 'Bakker Piet', a soup, salad or perhaps a burger from our own cattle of Scottish Highlander ? We serve lunch from 12h00 till 17h00.

Applecrumble, straight from the oven 4.5
Limoncello tiramisu cake 4.5
Delicacy according to Lysanne's recipe 4

Tomatosoup 7.5
Gazpacho 7.5
Cauliflower soup 7.5
All soups are served with bread and salted butter

Ham, cheese and pesto 6
Gaotcheese, honey and thyme (v) 6

Goatcheese, walnuts, honey and pomegranate (v) 9
Homemade tunasalad, cornichons, red onion and boiled egg 10
Carpaccio, rocket, Brandrood cheese, pine nuts, and trufflemayonnaise 10

Fried eggs with ham, cheese and/ or bacon 10
Club sandwich turkey, bacon, 3 fried eggs, curry, tomato and salad 11

2 Ecofields beef croquettes or cheese croquettes or shrimp croquettes served with fries or bread 8.5

Lunch Vincent - Gazpacho, carpaccio sandwich, Ecofields croquette with bread 13

Goat cheese, couscous, pomegranate and walnut 15
Niçoise salad, tuna, green beans, red onion, cornichons and boiled egg 15
Beef carpaccio, rocket, Brandrood cheese, pine nuts, trufflemayonnaise 15
Salads are served with bread OR fries. Prefer sweet potato fries? +1.5

Our own herd of Scottish Highland cows are living just 3,5 km away from our Grand Café in a natural area with grass and trees. Do you want to see them graze? Go for a hike on the ‘Harscamperpad’. The burger is served on bread and with french fries 16.5
Besides, you can choose one out of three toppings:
Bacon and egg
Bleu D’Auvergne (cheese)


Bread with dippers, smoked almonds and olives 5.5
Nachos with cheese and salsa 7
Ecofields beef bitterballs, typical Dutch (5st/ 10st) 5.5/10
‘Bieterballen’ (beetroot) (5st/10st) 6/11
Fried shrimp (5st/ 10st) 6/11
Warm snacks (5st/ 10st) 6/11
Cone of sweet potato fries with curry mayonnaise 5.5
Cheese platter: 5 Dutch cheeses, ‘kletzenbrood’ (rich fruit loaf) and apple syrup 13
Charcuterie: 4 kinds of charcuterie, smoked almonds, bread and olives 13
Chatterplatter: Nachos, cheese, dried sausage, hot snacks and ‘fakkeltjes’ (fried bacon) 15
Chatterplatter kids: crisps, cheese, sausage and ‘bitterbal’ 5.5

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We are pleased to welcome you for a lunch in our Grand Cafe Restaurant. To make sure we are expecting you, please make a reservation.